Thursday, 15 January 2009

I'm a Prawn again Christian

New Years Eve calls for some effort - especially if you have no intention of seeing midnight in jostling for postion in a crowded bar.

Great mates and passable food is always preferable. And of course, starting with the culinary equivalent of the Ford Mondeo. Safe and reliable, but with a little punch on the inside.
To my mind, use the best mayo (or make your own if you can be arsed) and add more tabasco than you think decent.
The basic recipe is known, but here's what I used in the marie-Rose Sauce:
1 jar vary good quality mayonnaise
A small squirt of tomato puree (the sauce wants to be dainty pink, not jordanesque)
Worcester sauce
Lemon juice
Salt and Pepper
Mix all the ingrdients together, adding to the mayonnaise until you have something that is acceptable to your palate. I like lots of Tabasco, other like it heavier on the Worcester sauce.



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