Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My winter warmer

Oh, sloe gin. It warms where other spirits will never reach. An amazing transformation given how unpleasant the sloes are to eat without being steeped in gin. This is my 2004 vintage, the sloes picked from a blackthorn bush by my parents chicken house. They were a little small but needed to be picked before the birds got to them.

Traditionally you're supposed to wait until the first frost before picking the berries, but a couple of hours in the freezer does the same job and means you can get on with making your brew much sooner.

I'm trying to find my recipe - it's knocking around the kitchen somewhere and I'll post it once found. The basics are pretty easy though.

Pop the sloes into a sealable and sterile jar, add large amounts of sugar and the cheapest gin you can find. Store in a dark cool place for a minimum of three months, swirling the jar around each day for the first week to ensure the sugar has fully dissolved.

I reckon you can leave the sloes in the mix for up to a year, dramatically enhancing the flavour. Others favour removing the berries after a maximum of six months. To be honest, as with all these things, it's down to personal preference.

Enjoy... Preferably in a hip flask, outside on a cold crisp day.

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Blogger Foodlover said...

Nice picture! Would love the recipe.

29 January 2009 at 03:16  

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